Do Our Children Need Tracking Devices?

How often do you hear about a child being involved in an abduction or a close call?  Believe it or not, I hear about one about once a year.  

Is it time that we begin to encourage our children to wear a GPS device everywhere that they go?  Would something like this even help our children should they find themselves in a precarious situation?

Recently, I was introduced to the Amber Alert GPS, and I have to say that I was intrigued.  The Amber Alert GPS is a small device that you put in a discrete location on your child.  (The device is about the size of a pack of Trident gum.)  The device reports the location of your child every 5 minutes to your smartphone or computer.  

The system is deemed "Mom-Friendly" by the manufacturers.  I would have to agree with them, as the system is extremely easy to set up and to navigate.  In fact, I'm not the only one, many television stations have reported on this technology over the last few years, including the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, and Home and Family.  (Actually, it leaves me wondering, "Why haven't I heard of this sooner?"

Not only has this device made it to the news outlet, but also it has won several awards, including 2010-2012 Best of State Award, CTIA 2012 E-Tech Awards: 2nd Place, CTIA 2012 E-Tech Awards Finalist, and Editors Choice Award.

In addition, this device is about the same price as a cell phone.  Like a cell phone, there is an activation fee of $19.99.  Also, there is a service contract, which ranges from $14.99 to $24.99 per month.  So, the device does not come free, but when you consider what you are getting for the price, it seems well worth the investment.

I would recommend this system to any parent with a child under the age of 12.  Personally, I would gladly give up my cell phone to ensure the safety of my child.