Is Amazon Mom Worth It? Amazon Mom Review (Compared to Walmart)

by Gretchen Lindell, MammaWorks
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Is Amazon Mom Worth the Money?

Great question! The answer: it depends… Ever since I started this blog, my number one post by far has been my post reviewing diaper delivery services. Since then, I’ve gotten request to review diaper services individually. So here’s my first of several individual reviews.

Amazon Mom is basically Amazon Prime geared towards moms. For $99/year, Amazon will give you FREE shipping and 20% off of diapers (as long as you subscribe and save)… This means you subscribe to get diapers delivered once a month until you log in and change the order.

Here is a price comparison with costs of diapers from Amazon versus Walmart. (This comparison uses:

Huggies Little Movers, Size 5, box with 96 Diapers

(as the sample)

Amazon Mom
$34.99 (No Discounts)
$33.24 (Subscribe & Save: 5% discount)
$27.99 (Amazon Mom)

Per Diaper Price
FREE (2-Day Shipping)
(1+ Week Shipping Time)
Membership Fee
No Subscription Options
Total Price for 1 Year of Diapers*
* Assuming the purchase of one box of diapers delivered to your home 1x/month.

Cons of Amazon Mom

Not every diaper listed on Amazon is eligible for the Amazon Mom discounts. So, before you sign up, make sure that the diaper brand and quantity are part of the Amazon Mom service. You can do this by typing the brand you want in the search bar, clicking, "Go," and then select, "Refine by: Subscribe & Save Eligible," (see highlighted area in screenshot to the left below). Then select a product and go to that product page. Scroll down just enough to see if there is an option to "Subscriber & Save with Amazon Mom." (See highlighted area in screenshot right below.) If your product is able to get the discount it will be listed just below the "normal" pricing options.

Who Can Use Amazon Mom?

"Amazon Mom is open to anyone, whether you’re a mom, dad, grandparent or caretaker." (Taken from

Other Benefits of Amazon Mom Program

In addition to the FREE 2-Day Shipping and 20% discount on diapers, members of the Amazon Mom program have instant access to tons of movies, TV shows, songs, and playlists, a free Kindle book from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library once a month, and the ability to allow up to four household members to share the membership benefits. (However, only one person per household can be an Amazon Mom member.) Members also get a 5% discount on other Subscribe & Save items, plus other discounts and deals. One last great benefit is that there is NO obligation or commitment!

What is the Verdict?

Well using Amazon Mom, which is a basically a Prime membership program with a few more perks, seems like a no brainer if you are looking to automate your diaper purchases. If you are someone who consistently purchases items online, Amazon Mom is a great option for you. Not only will you save money, but you will also have FREE 2-Day Shipping on most Amazon items throughout the year. (I'm thinking this will come in VERY handy for holiday shopping!) Plus, imagine the time you will save not having to compare prices and go to several stores. You will have the savings delivered right to your doorstep. Never be without diapers again!

There you have it! The Amazon Mom review. Please leave comments below about your experience with Amazon Mom or requests for other reviews!


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