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Example website designed using Weebly
Do you have your own business?  Do you work from home and have limited income?  Are you looking for the hands-down best solution for making your own website?  Well, I can tell you that Weebly is the solution you seek.  

With over ten years of experience building websites and teaching people how to build websites, I have never been so impressed with a program.  First of all, Weebly offers you a ton of capabilities for FREE!  So you can get online take your time putting your site together.  Decide on your theme and then, if you want, opt for the premium service.  For only $4 per month you can remove the Weebly branding and replace it with your own.  For a mere $8 per month you get professional multimedia features, a site search, and password protection.  If you want a full-on ecommerce site, it will cost $25 per month.  These prices are amazing considering how intuitive the service is (it's a drag and drop interface).  

If you decide to sign up for Weebly, but want to have a domain other than, do yourself a favor and purchase your domain elsewhere.  (I like to use GoDaddy.) Your Dream Needs a Domain! Get a $5.99 .COM or .Net from GoDaddy!  

The reason is that you will pay above market price for the domain--way above market price.  Once you have a paid subscription, you can point your domain's nameservers to your Weebly site.  (It's really not too difficult, and Weebly has step-by-step instructions for you here:

In terms of the actual website development, it is as easy as one, two, three.  Weebly guides you step-by-step through the instructions.  (  The support for this site is incredible.  

In addition, you can share access to the back end of your site, so other's can help you with site edits.  (

I wholeheartedly recommend Weebly to beginners (and, even experienced) small business owners, as a web design solution.  It is affordable, easy to use, and has features that sets it above the rest of the programs out there.

The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at!

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