Working Mom Tip #1: Make Sure You Have Clothes On

As a working mother, we have to make sure that everyone has the things they need to make it through the day, right?  Does this list sound familiar to you: gym clothes, library books, lunch, snack, homework, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc.?  And that's just for the kids.  What about the things you need?  For most of us, remembering what we mothers need is an after thought to providing our kids (and our partners) with the things they need to get through the day.   So, imagine my surprise when I left my house without my shirt on this morning.  TRUE STORY!

Today was slated to be just like any other, until I woke up.  That's when I realized that my toddler had a fever.  Ugh!  What was I going to do?  I have only three hours of sick time in the bank that I am trying to save, in case there is a "real" emergency.  Even if I were to use that time, three hours is less than half of the seven and a half hour work day.  My regular sitter couldn't take him, because she's got other children to care for.  So, the chaos began.  

Mornings in my house are...FUN.  No just kidding, mornings are anything but fun.  I try to pack everything up the night before, but, quite honestly, I crash at night.  So, I run around like a cyclone in the morning making sure that the kids are fed, dressed, and equipped for the day.  So, add in frantic calls to people to beg for a favor, and you got yourself an extra special FUN morning.

Once the arrangements were made, and I finally got everyone into the car, it was time for me to get the train rolling and get everyone off to their respective locations for the day.  That's when I looked down and realized that I had no shirt on!  Thank goodness for bras or the neighborhood might have had quite a show this morning.    With everything that we moms do for everyone else, it is important that we take care of ourselves.  I mean, seriously, what would they do without us?

So, that brings me to the first of the working mom tips.  Working Mom Tip #1:  Make Sure You Have Clothes On!  You are the silent MVP of your family, and they all need you to make the mornings happen.  But, you can't do everything unless you are in good mental and physical health.  Make sure to take care of the little things for yourself too, including wearing clothes to work.  You really won't regret this decision.

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