Help Is Coming...

Today, I am beginning a new adventure.  To sum up my simple life (but glorious life) so far, I was born in the late seventies, grew up in New Jersey and studied in Massachusetts.  Upon graduation, I moved to western New York to marry the love of my life.  I am now the mother to two gorgeous little beings who are the center of my world.  (My husband's not too shabby either.)

Seems simple, right?  Well, it is, however, along the way, my shape has changed.  Previous to motherhood, I was training for distance running events, and now I am struggling to find time to take a walk before dinner.  Oh yeah, I forget to mention, that I work...alot...(probably not more than you, because I know we are ALL busy), but my job keeps me running day and night most of the days of the week.

Between sending one child to a sitter and the other to school daily (with a lunch), I feel like I am constantly running a marathon, but my body looks like I'm on a bender.  Sound familiar?  I'm exhausted by the time I get to work and somehow have to find time to pump (yes, my youngest is nursing) while attending to a line of people outside my office all day long.

I am fed up!  Not just because I don't know who the woman is in front of the mirror.  More importantly, I'm a bit worried about my condition and I'm not sure how long I can go on like this before a doctor tells me that I have some terrible, irreversible condition.

So, I am writing this blog.  Maybe if I type fast enough, I'll shed a couple of pounds.  Ha! Ha!  No, I am writing this blog to help others who are in the same general predicament.  As I embark upon this journey, I'll let you know what works for me (a completely average woman) and what doesn't.  NOTE:  I am not a doctor, dietitian, professional trainer, athlete or chef; I am an average woman who plans to speak plainly about her experience.  What works for me, may not work for you...  Please let me know if it does or doesn't, as your views will also be important on this journey.

And so it begins...