Planning Ahead

One technique that I have tried in the past and, ultimately, end up failing at is: planning ahead. As I embark upon this weight-loss challenge, I am up for giving this strategy another try. So, this Sunday, I am prepping as many meals for the week as I possibly can. Since I have to work six of the seven days of this week and one night, I am hoping that this technique will allow me (and, consequently, my family to make good food choices) this week. I might even be able to get in some physical activity too. (As stated before, I am still striving to drink eight glasses of water each day too.)

The Menu 

One thing that I always find challenging is to create meals that my entire family will find satisfactory. With a husband whose job is physically active, a four year old who eats nothing but cheese and carbs, an infant, who is thankfully still nursing, and me, who is hypoglycemic, I find myself making meals for each individual. (Most of the time my hypoglycemia doesn’t limit my food intake, but it should, as I do much better when I stay away from simple carbs.) Making meals for individuals is the reason that my plan-ahead strategy usually fails. However, if it could work, I think the whole family could see a benefit from this plan… 

So, here’s what this week looks like. Now, please keep in mind that it is not perfect yet. We are not a perfect family. I refuse to make a bunch of organic, whole-grain food that my family won’t eat, just to say that we eat “healthfully.” I hate to waste food, and I have to be realistic. Is it possible for me to make food that we will like and still lose the weight that is keeping me from wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes? 

Does any of this sound like your house? What other challenges keep your family from eating the same meal? 

Upcoming Dinners for the Week 

Monday: Pork loin roast (cooked on Sunday) with roasted veggies and new potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas (crock pot: strips of chicken, fajita spices, peppers and onions)
Wednesday: Pasta with turkey meatballs (sauce and meatballs cooked in the crock pot)
Thursday:  Big Salad with Chicken
Friday: Left-Overs
Saturday: Who Knows! Any Suggestions?