Worrying Works!

I lost 3 pounds this week.  It is no mistake either; I kept checking...  The only thing I can assume is that all of the worrying that I did this week has helped me to lose the weight. 

Hurricane Sandy devastated my friends and family in New Jersey this week, and I have been a wreck worrying about them the entire time.  My friends and family members were without heat, water, electricity, and gasoline this entire week.  There were some amazing stories of neighborly support that surfaced from the storm, and there were also countless tragedies that will influence these people for the rest of their lives.  New Jersey is much more than teenagers drinking and over-using tanning beds.  They are just like you and me, and they need our help!

In an effort to show them some support, I have set up a fundraiser for Mercury One Disaster Relief.  Mercury One is a faith-based organization that gives 100% of the money earned to the victims of a disaster, in this case those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  If you have a moment, please check it out.

While I don't suggest you find things to worry about in order to lose weight, I have to say this actually worked for me.

What other surprising things have helped you to lose weight?