How To Clean Breast Pump Accessories Naturally

Cleaning Breast Pump Accessories

Having been a nursing mom now for almost five years, I have always taken the time to properly sanitize the breast shields and other accessories for my breast pump.  However, I've noticed from time-to-time that the valves and intricate pieces begin to collect grime that the boiling water does not remove.  On a whim, I submerged the accessories into a deep bowl with white vinegar in it.  I leave the accessories soaking overnight and the grime magically lifts.  The accessories look almost brand new after I go through this process!  I use the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and this process works well for my system.  I hope this helps you to clean your gear.

To Clean Breast Shields and Accessories:
  1. Pull Pieces and Parts Apart
  2. Fully Submerge Your Accessories In White Vinegar
  3. Let the Parts Soak Overnight
  4. Check Accessories;
  5. Rinse the Ones That Look Clean and Let the Others Soak Longer;
  6. Periodically Check Other Accessories;
  7. Rinse All Parts When They Are Fully Clean; and
  8. Sterilize Following Your Normal Procedures.
Good luck, mommies!  I hope this post helps you.  :)