Meal Emergency Ingredients for a Working Mother's Kitchen

We've all been there.  Five things to finish at the end of the day before picking up the children from their various childcare providers and having no idea about what to make for dinner.  Since every penny counts, picking up a quick meal is not always the best option.  Below is a list of ingredients that I've found indispensable in my kitchen.  With a husband, preschooler, and infant at home, my list dad and kid-approved.  

  1. Eggs
  2. Milk
  3. Cheese
  4. Pasta
  5. Tomato Sauce
  6. Flour
  7. Applesauce
  8. Frozen Chicken Nuggets
  9. Bread
  10. Bag of Canned/Frozen Veggies
Each one of these items was chosen for its affordability and versatility.  In a meal emergency, you have options with a fridge and pantry stocked with these items.  These are not the healthiest options for dinner, but they will satisfy a family.

Some meal ideas include:
If you don't have these ingredients, but have some others, try using this site to come up with an inventive way of making an emergency meal.

What your go to emergency meal?