Moms With Real Lives

Earlier today, I had a conversation with my own mother regarding the Real Housewives shows.  I must admit, I have spent an hour or two taking in these shows.  The storyline (virtually the same for each show--women with a lot of money who are involved in bad relationships self destruct) has me perplexed.

Aren't we interesting?  Does it take millions of dollars and lavish parties to make a woman interesting?  While I don't suggest that I deserve millions of dollars more than the next guy, I do suggest that I (and most of you) work a lot harder than the majority of these ladies to keep our households running.  

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have time to fight with anyone, nevertheless gossip about it to another living soul.  I spend every moment that I have managing my family and work commitments.  An average day in my house goes something like this:
Who has the time for an epic girl fight?  I'm exhausted.  Then during my conversation with my mother, she said, that we should make a show called "Real Moms Uncensored."  I think she may be right, it sounds like a compelling idea.  I would watch this show, even if it were only for the support of knowing that there are other women going through exactly the same thing as I.  What do you think?  Does anyone want to make a Youtube series?