5 Working Mother's Must-Haves for Back-To-School

The summer's almost over and now it is time for moms, like us, to kick it into overdrive to get the little ones prepared for a smooth transition back into the classroom.  Here is a list of five (5) must-have (affordable) companies that offer products you should add your fall shopping list.

#5 Back To Missing Personal Items

How many times have you uttered the words, "Honey, where did you put...?"  Well, here's your solution.  This company produces iron-on labels for all your child's stuff.  When you have to determine which of two identical items are his or hers, you'll be able to look to the label to find out.  Best of all...it is wicked affordable! :)  www.labelyourstuff.com

#4 Back To Printing

The last thing any mom wants to hear the day before a big paper is due is, "Mom, the printer is out of ink."  This company sells ink and they sell it cheap!  WooHoo!  Stock up on this essential BEFORE you find yourself in a big box store at 8 p.m. on a school night.  www.compandsave.com (I even found a coupon:  $10 off $50. Use MYINK10 at checkout. Expires August 31)

#3 Back To Bringing Lunches

Worried that your kids are not ingesting things they shouldn't be, like BPA, PVC, and petroleum?  Well, check out this site:  www.ecolunchboxes.com.  This company has got you covered.  These stainless steel products are durable, green, and made out of material that will not leach into your child's food.  Worry no more!

#2 Back To Making Lunches

Now that you got the packaging figured out, let's work on the contents.  You could spend hours reading labels in your grocery store or go through the express aisle by shopping at this store.  Abe's Market has all of the healthful products you are looking for.  Specifically, check out their healthful snacks section.  Your kids will get the energy they need, while enjoying the taste of something delicious!  www.abesmarket.com

#1 Back To Controlled CHAOS!

No mom out there can keep it all organized without a little help.  This company specializing in keeping moms organized.  Go to www.momagenda.com for some great resources that happen to be stylish too.  The All-In-One planner is priceless.  With a 12-month calendar and locations for all of your important school documents (We deserve a little pampering too, don't we?)

For working mother's, every moment counts.  This list is comprise of quality items that you can count on to help your little get back into the swing of things.  Good luck, moms!