Mamma Switches Jobs

Hi Moms (and Dads)!

I've been away for awhile now.  I apologize.  However, I was living through a transition.  I changed jobs!  As if life as a working mom isn't stressful enough.  Throw in working through the kinks of a new job situation, and there goes all of my free time to write.

However, now I am back, and I am better than before.  My new position affords me some time that I can concentrate on other endeavors, like saving TIME and MONEY!  Every mom's magic words, huh?

Changing jobs was a difficult decision for me, but the time seemed right.  When you begin to take your work home, the little ones see even less of you.  So, I found a position that allows me to work and then just be mom when I walk out the doors at night.  (No more weekends and weeknights!  Hurray!)

Have you been looking for a new job?  Let's share stories...  Good luck to all of you job seekers out there.